Angstrem-T is hosting a three-day workshop on latest trends in design of ASIC/SoC, HW systems and IoT/AI solutions


A series of workshops for Russian design houses is being held at the premises of Angstrem-T, from 13 to 15 March 2019. The event was organized by the Consortium of design houses in the industry of electronics and microelectronics. The team of Key ASIC Bhd. from Malaysia, one of the world's leading companies in ASIC design, perform as experts of this event and are here to share their valuable experience in design issues. Mr. Kah Yee Eg, Chairman of Key ASIC, stated that the workshops are aimed at upgrading the skills of Russian design engineers and project managers, and improving their capabilities to design world-class semiconductor products. Overall, "the Company's task in Russia is development of an eco-system of design houses capable of designing globally competitive ICs, the fabrication of which can soon be started here, at Angstrem-T fab which is currently increasing its capacity".

The event consists of two major workshops: ASIC/SoC Design and HW System Design (including IoT and AI platforms)

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