Test & Assembly

  • Wafer testing
  • Development of wafer and IC test programs
  • Wafer backgrinding and thinning
  • Wafer scribing
  • Chip sorting from the diced wafers into containers
  • Chip mounting into plastic cases
  • Chip mounting into metal-ceramic cases
  • Circuit testing (go / no-go screening) in normal conditions, and in a certain temperature range
  • Circuit marking and packing them into various kinds of packages

We understand that test and assembly options are very important for the Foundry customers, and that is why Angstrem-T starts to work out procedures for these options before we launch chip production facility.

Goals of measurement and assembly area launch:

  • Proactive start-up of a test and assembly production cluster (a sub-project Foundry Service under the parent Angstrem-T project) allowing to deal with such tasks as:
    • Work out a procedure of test and assembly service.
    • Render test and assembly service to Russia-based design centers with purposes to organize business, and to build up a clientele for the Angstrem-T project.
    • Measurement activities on imported goods.
    • Work out procedures of tool delivery and start-up (delivery, customs clearance, installation and hook-up, start-up and calibration in collaboration with OEMs, personnel training to operate and maintain the tools).
    • Work out procedures of 130 AMD licensed technology qualification before first silicon is started.
  • Deploy serial production on microchips developed by Angstrem-T R&D center and its partners, using overseas Foundry plants, aiming to be marketed at certain domestic market segments for the sake of the future production.

Production line configuration:

Measurement area:

  • Test systems J973, Teradyne, USA
  • Probers to Test system, Teradyne P8XL, Tokyo Electron Ltd, Japan
  • Parametric Testers Agilent 4073A
  • Probers P8LC to Parametric Tester Agilent 4073A, Tokyo Electron Ltd, Japan
  • VLSI elements laser trim system WaferTrim M350, GSI, USA
  • Precision temperature forcing system THERMONICS T-2500E to ensure microchip test parameters in temperature range of −80 up to +225, by Thermonics, USA
Measurement Tools Gallery

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Thinning and scribing area:

  • Wafer backgrinder PG200 (Accretech, Japan) designed to thin silicon wafers down to 100 um
  • Pre-thinning Protection Tape Laminator L200, Powatec, Switzerland
  • Post-thinning protection tape remover U200, Powatec, Switzerland
  • Set of equipment for 200-mm wafer dicing (Advanced Dicing Technologies, Israel, 3 units in a set)
Thinning and Scribing Tools Gallery

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