Photomask sets

The Company is not intending to establish its own photomask production. Instead, we plan to get such services from Mask Shop companies. However, we are going to compile and process all photomask relevant information in our in-house R&D Center using licensed software and the skills of our experienced employees.

We are going to offer the following services regarding information compilation for mask production:

  • Generating mask duplication frame, several chips of various sizes are used
  • Minimizing mask duplication frame, a set of test structures is used for several chip size ranges
  • Providing information on mask duplication frame, adjusting the duplication frame with the Customer, calculating the number of frames and chips per wafer
  • It is possible to set up Customers test structures which determine a chip yield percentage in a test structures field
  • Design Rules Check (DRC), Layout vs. Schematic check (LVS), dummy layers and elements for the Antenna criteria control, and whenever necessary  their generation.