• Manufacture of prototype samples (MPW)
  • Manufacture of prototype wafers (MLM)
  • Manufacture of engineering wafer lots (E-Lots)
  • Wafer lot splits based on process flow (Split)
  • Minimum number of wafers per start
  • Fast production options for prototype samples and wafer lots:
  • Fast production of prototype samples (Super Hot MPW / Super Hot MLM)
  • Fast production of wafer lots (Hot Lot, Super Hot Lot)

To enable efficient planning, the Customer will receive an MPW schedule. Here are the options that facilitate further flexibility when entering the market:

  • Opportunity to increase the number of prototype samples by 100 pieces-fold.
  • Opportunity to produce additional wafers (3 ≤ wafers) and to ship samples.
  • Offering the Companys research and analytical resources for full chip certification.