Foundry Design Kit

To anticipate the production launch, we are currently developing FDKs and a range of IP blocks for two technologies:

  • 130 licensed by AMD as copy exact
  • 130LP developed by Angstrem-T in-house engineers

We understand that an FDK developed without certification in silicon may contain a certain margin of error, but it is important to note that:

  • The 130 technology is transferred by AMD as copy exact which means a handover of the technology license and the complete tool set on which this technology was implemented and on which wafers were manufactured at Fab 30 in Dresden. We have an absolute match between the HSpice device models extracted with the use of data received from technology-device simulation process (TCAD), and the HSpice device models extracted with the use of data received from wafer measurement at Fab 30 Dresden.
  • The HSpice device parameters for the AT130LP technology were extracted using only the data received by means of TCAD.

We took this effort in order to find potential customers for our fab and start interacting with them. Those of our customer companies that are ready to implement design activities using the FDK before its certification in silicon will enjoy the opportunity of a free-of-charge run of their products in silicon at the risk production phase in MPW mode.

Please see our view of the FDK structure and content in a short presentation.

Foundry Design Kit
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